Imported text disappeared after upgrade

I have recently returned to LingQ after a week’s vacation and I noticed that the text I have imported, although still available in the lessons window, is no longer visible in the import window. This was a handy feature, to allow editing of imported text, which I wonder if it might be a bug since I don’t know any reason why you would want this material to no longer appear in the new version. Can you comment?

Nothing has changed on the Import page. All your imported lessons should be there. Make sure you are looking at the correct view, Lessons, Collections or Titles.

I’ve reported about this, but it hasn’t fix yet. When I use FireFox 3.013 on WindowXP, I can see and edit the text I have imported. I managed to use FireFox. I usually use IE7 as a brower, it doesn’t work properly when I want to edit the text or paste the text on the text area. I’m also waiting for Mark’s comment.

I am talking about the the import page where you would normally paste the text, but in the case of existing imported items, the previously pasted text would show up (in the past). Now the text box is empty. All the imported lessons show their titles in the collection list but no more text attached in the actual import window.

ah…that is the same problem as Nobuo is reporting. You will have to use another browser like Firefox until we can fix the text editor in IE. Sorry about that.

Oh, okay, thanks Mark for the reply and the suggestion. I think I’ll wait for the fix rather than install and start using a new web browser for this. By the way, I am using IE8 but I think it is in “compatibility view”.

I am having the same problem - I can’t import any lessons or collections using Internet Explorer 7. I’ll try Firefox. Thanks!