Imported story doesn't let me select more than one word

So I imported the short story that “The Wandering Earth” is based on. When I try clicking on things it won’t let me select more than one word or short phrase. Is it possible to select a whole sentence for it to translate? Sometimes I get the words, but don’t understand the sentence as a whole.

Edit: If it makes any difference I’m using LingQ on my computer. I almost never use the app.

If you click on the first word in the sentance you want to translate and then drag the “box” around the word you will begin to mark a wider portion of the sentance, just release it again when you have marked the whole sentance and you will be good to go. You can also linq sentences and phrases this way! Hope this helps!

I thought I had tried that, but apparently I didn’t do it right. Thank you so much, this helps a lot.