Imported Lessons Not Showing Up

I imported 4 lessons yesterday and put them into 1 course. I can see one of them in the recent lessons at the top of the page but they aren’t showing up in My Imports, My Courses or My Lessons.

This is the first time I have imported anything, so am I missing something. How do you view the lessons you have imported?

The way it is now I won’t be able to find them at all after I view four other lessons.

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If you have imported a new lesson or more of them without selecting a level, make sure to have all 6 levels included under filters to make sure that lessons without level will appear on the list too.
Hope this helps!

Hey. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately this didn’t work. I have all 6 levels included and no other filters on. They still aren’t showing up. The only way I can get to them is the recent lessons at the top of the page. If I click that one and go into the menu and hit edit I can get to the other three, but that’s the only way.

I have the same issue. They do not appear in the imported lessons on the home page.

I DID find a workaround:

If any of your imported lessons are showing up, click on one, then click menu, then edit.
Then go to the course link in the top right hand corner.
Then, last but not least, you can click on the “Back to Import” link in the upper left.

This got me to a list of the imported lessons.

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Can you please contact us on support(at) , we will need your permission to access your account and try to figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Okay. I sent you an email. You’ve got my permission to access my account. Thanks for the help. Let me know if you need anything else from my end.

After the new update I can see my courses again. Now I just have a bunch of extra random courses that I never added, but I’m sure that’s just a bug from the update that you guys are probably already trying to fix.

By the way I really like the update. Searching for lessons and courses feels a lot more intuitive now.