Imported lessons and free account

My account page says:
Your current level: FREE
Imported Lessons: 4

If I try to import another private lesson, I see:
“Private Lessons Import Limit Reached
Free members are only allowed to import 5 private lessons.”

Why am I unable to import one more lesson, as I am only imported 4 for now?
I seem also to be unable to edit a lesson.

I think 5 imports is the total lifetime limit for free accounts, isn’t it? Maybe you deleted an imported lesson in the past?

(I don’t think it applies to shared lessons though…)

We added a hard limit on imported lessons when we opened the Import Bookmarklet up to everyone. After these 5, Free members are still allowed to import lessons to share, but are not allowed to edit current private lessons (as this would be no different than allowing a current limit of 5, since the text/audio could just be switched out).