Imported Lesson not saving place

After attempts in several other ways, I’ve imported an eBook into Lingq by converting it into a txt file, splitting it into twenty parts, and then manually copying and pasting the text into a new course. It all works relatively well (formatting is horrible but so it goes) but it won’t save my place when I finish reading for the day. When I exit and try to open the lesson again, it sends me to the beginning of the text. Help? This is super annoying as the parts are long enough that I often won’t get through one in a single sitting.

Are you maybe clearing your browser’s cache/cookies automatically?

This is actually on the app

iOS or Android?

Sorry, just saw this. iOS.

@ender.waters. I will simply share that my experience with ebooks is not like yours, so I thought I would share my experience in case it proves useful.

So, I’ll find an ebook that I want and download it as a *.EPUB. I then use LingQs import feature to upload the book. Now… here’s the important part… It can take a long time (several hours?) for the book to then be uploaded and then made available in my Courses/Lessons. However, the entire book is (eventually) brought in. It’s not like you can upload the book at 12:pm and then start accessing it at 12:01 pm. You have to wait.

Now, I will say that, for me, the LingQ software will automatically break-up the book into as many Lessons as it needs to in order to accommodate the entire book. Apparently, a Lesson can only be of a certain maximum length (I don’t know the limit).

So, I recently uploaded a science book called, “Sapiens.” It was 400 pages long(!). It took a long time to upload, but once it did, it automatically created 64 Lessons (Sapiens1, Sapiens2, … Sapiens64). I did not have to manually break-up the book into sections. Now, I can go to the lesson called, “Sapiens1” and finish it then I can navigate to “Sapiens2,”

In that case, can you please message us directly from the app so that we can check your logs and try to figure out what’s going on? Thanks!