Imported lesson has too many blank lines

I wonder if you have changed something on the import page. When I import a text from Word with Firefox there are now always 2 blank lines after each paragraph. That makes no sense. 2 weeks ago there was only 1 blank line.

To my knowledge nothing here has changed. Do you find this only in Firefox?

It works in Chrome and IE8.

I’m facing the same problem that Vera mentions in her first post on this topic.
If I use Word and import using Firefox in Windows 7, I get 2 lines between paragraphs instead of 1 line.
But if I save the text to a .doc file in Word, use LibreOffice to open the .doc file in Ubuntu 11.04, and import the file using Firefox 7.0.1 for Ubuntu, then it works. I get only 1 blank line between paragraphs, not 2 lines.

If you think it would be useful, I can try to import a text using Firefox on a Mac.

I tried this with Chrome and Firefox, both importing from websites and from Pages (similar to Word) and didn’t have the same problem.
It looks like it might be a formatting issue specific to Microsoft Word, in which case I would suggest using the “Replace” function to replace “¶” with “¶¶”

Alex, there is only on “¶”. But for some reasons FF converts it into two “¶¶”. THAT is the problem. And it worked earlier.

Ah, my mistake. We’ll look into it to see what might be the problem. In the meantime, try copying and pasting it through Google Docs, Wordpad, or something else to see if that temporarily resolves the issue.

I just tested Firefox using Notepad.
I copied text from the WikiSource site
into Notepad.
Then in Notepad I removed all spaces between paragraphs. Then I copied and pasted that text into LingQ Import using Firefox 7.0.1 for Windows.
Result: no extra space between paragraphs.
Even better, as far as I am concerned, there is NO space between paragraphs.

I’m using Linux + Firefox, using HTML and puretext sources and getting the same thing. It’s not bothered me but just letting you know.

@Imyirtseshem - If you do what donhamiltontx suggests, in filtering it through Notepad, does the issue resolve itself?

I undestand

I undestand

When I import, it appears fine until I click the clean up. Then it puts the extra space between the lines. I have the original in Word 2000 and am using Firefox. I merely delete the lines, but it is annoying.

I don’t use Notepad, Alex. :slight_smile: But, I’m using texts like this without any problems, I was merely reporting that it’s present here too.

I use Word 2003 and it is exactly like Chalkbrd writes. First the text is ok. After using the “clean formating” there are too many lines.

@Chalkbrd/Vera - Have either of you tried filtering it through Notepad, etc. as suggested above?

This seems to be a fairly minor issue, so it may be some time before we get to it. In the meantime, I wonder if using another program to copy and paste from would take care of this.

If I use Notepad there is NO space between the paragraphs. So it didn’t work. I want to have one line between the paragraphs (as before). If I use Notepad I have to add lines. If I use the text from Word I’ve to delete lines. Both is not very convenient.

You mentioned that Chrome and IE work fine in this regard? If so, I recommend using these to import your lessons. As I mentioned above, since the issue is a minor one, it doesn’t sit very high on our priority list at the moment.

Alex, it is very inconvenient to change the browser all the time. Some time ago I changed from IE to FF because LingQ was extremely slow on IE. Then I tried out Chrome. There are other problems. It seems that LingQ has different problems with different browsers. I know that the browsers are quite different, but I think it looks not very professional to recommend to use another browser instead of solving the problems. I’m not really angry because over the years I’m used to these things. But as I said, it looks not professional. And it means extra time for me to add my lessons.

While we would love to be able to fix all of the issues right away, it simply isn’t possible. There is a lengthy list of things to do, so we must always think in terms of priority.
For example, an issue brought up with the Cloze Test not working at all for certain words is high priority as it affects a lot of people. An issue which requires the user to delete some spaces when importing content is not as important. I only recommend another browser as an alternative to manually deleting the extra spaces, not as an alternative to us eventually addressing the issue.