Imported Lesson - can I highlight a word?

If I have imported a lesson and want to highlight the one or other word, is there a possibility to make it bold, underlined or invers?

I’ve tried this but to no avail— so i would love to know if this is possible?


I don’t really understand what you want to do. Which word do you want to highlight? What does ‘invers’ mean?

@Irene777 - This is no longer possible. I recommend using the Lesson Notes section in the resources for any sort of notes related to the text.

@Colin and Alex
sorry, I meant “cursive” and not “invers”

What I want to do is the following: In lessons that I created long time ago, I wrote dialogues and wrote the one person with a regular written text, and the second person in invers letters.

So, it was better to see for the learner, that the person changed.

The next would be, if I can write anything in bold letters, you can see that is more important.

I don’t know where I can find the Lesson Notes section :frowning:
but I will look for it.

@Irene777 - We disabled bolding, italics and underlining in the lesson text as these caused issues for users when saving LingQs and saving phrases.

Here again is the screencast where you can find the Lesson Notes:

OK, I see and can understand the reason.
Thanks for the screencast again.