Imported collections

Hi, LingQ team,

I’ve created a couple of imported collections (private due to copyright laws), but when I want to get to the next lesson in sequence, I have to go to “my lessons” rather than being able to just “open next lesson in the collection.” Is there a way to re-configure this function without having to take an extra step?

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Hi Yvette,

There is no shortcut for this at the moment. To explain the system, these lessons are placed into a collection. However, they are private lessons and are therefore not visible if you visit the Collection page (to ensure that other members aren’t using the same content).

The “Open next lesson in the Collection” feature skips over any lessons that are private. This allows members to unpublished certain lessons without the fear of other members seeing them. However, any private imported lessons behave the same way, and are not visible from the Library or the Collection page. This prevents even the person who imported the lesson from viewing them in the “Collection” view or using the “Open next lesson in Collection” feature, unfortunately.

Ok, this makes sense and I can make do, of course. Thanks so much, Alex. :slight_smile:

As for me, I bookmark “Collection - Import” such as Login - LingQ… to find easily my favorite lessons.
The problem is there is a Delete button beside Save&Open,

I will bookmark my collections then! OIWA, you are so resourceful. A thousand thanks… :slight_smile:

But, I will advise you not to push Delete button, which is beside Save&Open.

Yes, I bookmarked a collection to try your idea out, but find that because I have to “save & open,” this takes up about as much time as having to look for individual lessons. Well, the good news is that the time that it takes to search and find a given lesson is time spent in transitioning. It’s all good, as the saying goes. Thanks again, I really appreciate your suggestion.