Imported book does not open on android

I imported an ebook and tried to open it on Android. But some lessons do not open. On the website, I don’t have any issues.

I removed all the lessons and uploaded it again, deleted the app, cleared the cache, etc. Still have the same issue.

I’m having (probably) the same issue from yesterday (I already contacted support, hoping for solution).

Some chapters just keep loading but never actually load. (And it is not just imported books, also some books that are already up there - like robinson crusoe in Polish, chapter 6, if u learn polish)

Anyway, I deleted the app, cleared cache, residual files etc etc. I even went as far as performing a factory recovery on my phone, despite my reservations about losing data (then i had to login to every app, send my id to my bank etc, basically lot of work … hours.) And not even that helped. I can and can’t open THE SAME chapters as before. So the issue must be at lingqs side. Shortly speaking: don’t do it, it doesn’t help.

I had been using lingq on my android for years and no problem till yesterday.

Btw what device do you use? Do we have the same or is it spread on multiple devices? Samsung A50 (Android 11)

Hey! Thanks for your answer. Yes my Android version is 11 too. Device brand is General Mobile.

I’ve been using my e-reader instead of my phone to keep my streak alive. I didn’t forbid updates (I wasn’t worried - my e-reader runs on Android 10) but I should have. It stopped working after the last update. So I can’t use it anymore. :frowning:

@zoran If you’re using my account (username and password is in the mail):
on both devices> Italian>La scimmia di pietra >chapter 15 doesnt work whether chapter 23 works. The difference between those two could cause it. :man_shrugging:

Here’s a video of the problem. The other lesson (chapter no. 15) will not load not even after 10 minutes.

I started to using lingq on my phone’s web browser. It’s a bit glitchy but better than nothing.

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Yeah, i tried that, too but I find it very uncomfortable. I think I’m gonna steal my GF’s iPad till they fix it. :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue with my Netflix subtitles!

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.


Thank you for this thread! I encountered this exact problem last night, after I had uploaded a couple of new books, full of excitement. I had figured it might d been my internet’s or phone’s fault, but it seems more people are having this issue. Right now I m also using my work laptop to get some reading done - not perfect, but it will work, for now ; w ;
Looking forward to this issue getting fixed! =)

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Welcome to the club :slight_smile: I hope it won’t take too long. I can’t say my girlfriend is exactly happy that I confiscate her iPad for every single evening :smiley: (Both my Android devices are down now :frowning: )
I already asked in the email, but since many more people have the same issue, @zoran would it be possible to share with us the APK installation file of the previous version of LingQ? It should still work if it worked before, shouldn’t it?

And also - HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! :partying_face: :tada:


I have the same issue with my Android. Waiting for a resolution.

Welcome to the club indeed! And happy new year :smiley: I hope all of you can reach your language goal.

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Is there any progress here?


Our developers are working on it. We will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.

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I don’t know if this helps to your developers but just in case it does:

I’m reading Robinson Crusoe in Polish. Chapter 7 didn’t work on Android so I read it on IOS and then (when I was around the end of ot) it miraculously started working on Android again, too.

I finished the chapter 7 on Android, tapped on “the next lesson” and nothing - just the loading page, so I opened it on IOS and the first page looks like this (the rest of the chapter is fine).

So maybe there is something wrong with the first pages of the chapters and android can’t open them at all while IOS opens them weirdly. In web browser they always seem completely fine.

iPad :point_up_2:

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I just updated my Android system to the latest version and lingQ worked again perfectly.

It has started to work for me. Thanks for the fix.

It still doesn’t work on my android phone and I just checked - I already have the last android update. :(((

Edit: i just got an update of the app. It works fine again. Omg, I’m so happy. Thanks for the fix! :slight_smile:


Should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting the issue everyone!