Imported audio restarts half way through playing

I’m currently having an issue with some lessons I imported ages ago. The audio on some of them seems to restart half way through, but yet the player stays on the same time as it was before. so in other words the recording runs out before it actually gets to the end of the audio…

Did you import the audio or does it just link to an external sound file?

I imported it. as i say, not with all of them, but some of them it just restarts half way through, but the ticker keeps going. so I could never actually get to the end of the audio :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share some of these with me. Make sure you put the URL of the origin of the lesson into the URL slot in the Edit view of the lesson.

not quite sure how you’d like me to share them steve. The spanish texts I use aren’t shared because if I shared them it would have all sorts of copyright consequences and so on. would you need just the audio or are you talking about the whole lesson?

If you put the URL in the edit view of the lesson you can share the lesson in that you are just sharing the URL with others, in other words enabling others to go to that site. This is not the same as sharing it in the library. What is the source of this lesson?

In any case I will watch for this and if others have the same problem maybe they will report it.

I’ll find one tonight when i’m doing my studies and link a lesson URL if it happens. The spanish material is from .Just transcripts that I’ve bought.

If you have bought them then we cannot look at them. I though this was from a website that was open to all. In any case I will wait to see if others report similar problems.

as I suspected. ah well, I have the audio on my computer anyway so there’s always ways to get around it. thanks anyway steve.

@Corin_Wright - Can you try removing the audio file then reuploading it to see if it’s an issue related to the file itself or with our system in general?

yeah, if i am to re-upload them it seems to work most of the time.

If you find one that doesn’t work after reuploading it please let me know!