Importar un PDF

¿Es posible importar un PDF a mis lecciones privados?

It depends on the formatting of the PDF. Sometimes PDF files can include strange formatting that affects how it is displayed here on the site, but as long as the PDF includes highlightable text you can certainly give it a try :slight_smile:

I don’t think it does. Do you know any cheap OCR programs? They all seem pretty expensive.

Is your text in Spanish or in English? If it is in English, I will try to transform it for you.


I can try. Could you send me your text …?

I can’t send it. The address was rejected by the server.

EDIT tried again and it works. Turned out I copied the question mark as well and forgot to remove it.

James you could try this

I’ve used it and it works pretty well (with Spanish and English pdfs).

Aprender español en Lingq —>