Important Print Problem :)


my name is Markus. Im here, in LinQ, since 4-5 Weeks.

There is a problem with the print-button in every lection.

When I choose a lection, the next windows plops out and on the right side I can see the new navigation boards, which contains…New Words, LinQs, information, learning aids…

Ok, in the next step I press the Button LinQs, because I want to learn my words. On the right side, left of the “export” button, there is the button “print” to print my linqs.

And there is the problem. It doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work by a friend of mine.
Can you please fix it, it’s important for me and i think for many other members

king regards
Markus F.

Hi Markus,

you seem to be right. I have never tried this before but today I was looking for a possibility to print the LingQs of a certain lection. That doesn’t work on my computer either (both “print” and “export”)

Would be great, if someone could help. Thank you!


@Meggstar, Kathi_W - Are either of you using Firefox? There seems to be an issue in Firefox at the moment but it should be working properly in other browsers such as Chrome.

Hi Alex,
thanks for your responds.

That’s right im using Firefox. Will be there a solution in the future, or is it recommended to use an another browser all the time?

We do have this on our list and hope to fix it soon. When it is fixed we’ll be sure to post here and let you know. In the meantime, if you would like to use the Print and Export features in the dashboard then you should use Chrome.

alright, thank you

Hi alex,

yes, me too (Firefox 19.0).

@Markus: You could try and print the LingQs from your main vocabulary list. I now did it this way:

Lernen → Vokabeln → Filter “Lektionen” → select all LingQs → “Mehr Aktionen” → “Druck” / “Export”


Hi Kathi,
thank’s a lot. It works!

You are my darling g ;D