Importable Mandarin Youtube channels?

Currently, importing from Youtube is trial and error for me.

Some great cooking shows are importable to Lingq: [granted there is not much audio here]

But for example the following ones cannot be imported, even though you can actually see the subtibles:

Is there any logic to it?
Other than trying, is there a way to find out easily, which channels can be imported?

Do you know any other importable Chinese channels?


Importable videos should have cc subtitles added on top of them in target language. There’s a button for this in the player and you should be able to turn them on and off. The last three links all have subs already added in the video itself and not added later on in youtube.

Here’s what’s strange, some of the importable ones you listed only has English subs added to them so I thought they would import as English text in LingQ. But now I tried to import them as you’ve done and it actually works, all in Mandarin… I didn’t know this and now I’m confused as well.

Anyway here’s some channels I know for sure can be imported:


Short documentaries and lifestyle type videos.


Lectures on popular science and more.

I’ll try to import some without Mandarin subs and maybe add a some more to the list.


These are great! :slight_smile:
Please add more channels as you find them. I will do the same.
We could use this thread to collect great importable Mandarin channels!