I would like to import some contente from BBC news, but I don’t know if we are allowed to import this content. How to know?

Hi Cecile

You can import any content you like. It is only if you try to share it that you need to worry about permission. It is no problem to import this BBC content into your own LingQ account. It is only for your own use.

Okay !
And if I want to share it? Are we not allowed to broadcast BBC content?

No, we can’t share BBC content. Most of the corporate content providers will not let us share their content without special permission.

If you want to share stuff you can post the URL in the Content forum and let everyone do what you have done and upload it for private use only.

Or you can e-mail the BBC and ask for permission to provide it for all LingQ members.

I’ve already tried to ask bbc’s permission to import their Learning English material, without success…

The Beeb’s a bit, well, stuffy. They have a whole legal department who probably have orders to say “no” to most requests.

But the BBC do take a great pride in their materials for people learning English, and I think it’s worth reminding LingQers that they can use this stuff privately.

I’m still looking out for similar stuff from other providers that might let us share materials in our library.