[import video] How to import a video on file?

Is it possible to import a video + srt file from a file?
I download videos from YLE that usually come down as mkv-files with one stream video, one stream audio and one stream subtitles. If the subtitle stream is missing I skip the episode.
I am able to convert the video mkv file into one mp4 and one srt (subtitle) file, but I don’t know how to import them. The line for audio does not work (it has to be mp3). I can convert it to mp3, but then I lose the video. And the srt I have no idea how to import, short of editing in myself (very time-consuming).
Any idea how to do this?

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Videos can’t be uploaded. Best you can do is to add YouTube video link under “Resources” tab on the import lesson page.

Doesn’t it make sense to upload video and subtitle files?

We limit audio files to 20MB, and videos usually require more space. At this moment we don’t have in plans to allow video uploading.

Right, I get that. I can get around that by creating mp3 files. My question also refers to subtitle files like srt files. You guys already analyze srt files in your youtube addon for import of youtube movies. So apparantly you extract both mp3 from the video while using the srt-files for text.

Could you not offer the same capability in upload?

You can use LingQ Importer extension (available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari) to import YouTube videos. Importer will grab and import everything - subtitles, audio and video url for resources.

I do that often enough: that is not the problem. The problem for me is the video and audio I get from other sources. In this case I download video in mkv files from YLE (the television broadcast station in Finland). Then I recode mkv to mp4 files and I can extract both srt-files (subtitles) and mp3-files (audio).

From the part of the discussion that the german guy deleted, I understood that I can import srt-files as an ebook and mp3 through the file upload. That in principle helps me accomplish what I want.

It is enough for me. But … it would make sense for lingq and ease of use to be able to extract both mp3 and text from a video. This does not mean you have to store the video. Just the mp3 and text files. I guess it is a nice-to-have, not a must-have.

For Linux it is possible to do these actions locally, I don’t know a lot about windows, but I am sure your technical guys do. It would mean creating and maintaining a local application for the pc, unless you do the conversion on your servers which would mean a temporary upload to the server in order to execute the conversion (like you already do with youtube).

Using the e-book import + mp3 file upload solves my problem for now.

Thank you for your input and my apologies to the German guy who deleted his strain of responses. I did not mean to offend him.

For now in cases like that you’ll need to manually import SRT file through import ebook feature and then upload mp3 file to that lesson separately. But we’ll see if there is anything we can do to make improvements there.

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