Import to LingQ right from Safari on your iOS device

We just pushed an update to the iOS app which all you importers are going to love! It may even be just the push the rest of you need to start importing that special content you’ve found into LingQ. You can see in the attached image the progression but I will explain it here just to fill in any missing steps.

  1. Open up a page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad that you would like to read on LingQ so you can see your blue and yellow words, create LingQs and learn the new vocabulary. Here I’ve found an article on El Pais, a well known Spanish news site.

  2. Tap the Share control in the bottom bar of Safari. (Scroll up if you can’t see it since it slides away when you scroll down)

  3. You can then see your available share options. Scroll to the far right of the sharing options and tap the More button. Turn on the “Import as LingQ Lesson” option beside our app icon in the list. Now it will show in your share menu. (You may want to drag and drop it closer to the left. I know I did since I don’t use most of the default options shown.)

  4. Once you tap the LingQ icon in the Share menu, you will see the importer dialog box. The title is prefilled although you can adjust it. You should set the language to import to and choose a course to import to.

Right now you can only create courses on the web where I have created a course for all the sites I like to import from. This is just to keep things neat but, you can simply import to the Quick Imports course as well. You can always move a lesson to a different course later.

  1. When you first import, if you don’t have notifications enabled for LingQ, you will be prompted to accept notifications when you next open the LingQ app. You want to accept notifications so that thereafter, once your lessons are imported you will see the notification shown in the attached image.

  2. Tap on that notification and your lesson will open up.

Notifications are new for this version as well and can also be enabled for Daily LingQs. Once you enable notifications for either Imports or Daily LingQs, they will be turned on for both.

We think this will help you even more to find that content to keep you motivated in your language journey! Please let us know how you like it and share all the great sites you are importing from here in this thread. I’m sure others will appreciate being directed to sources of great content!

Happy LingQing!


Great update, thanks for this! Using LingQ on mobile is getting better all the time :slight_smile:


i love this!

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