Import text and audio from Youtube

Dear Admin,

Any chance that Lingq will add an import function for Youtube videos in future?

At the moment I still need to use in order to separately import the text and audio into Lingq.

I feel this function would really turbo-boost the Lingq experience since Youtube has such a vast amount of material!


On the site of keepvid I only see the possibility to download videos, not to separately download the text and the audio. Do I miss something?

  1. Copy the Youtube link in the box above
  2. Click on download
  3. The first option is to download the video, below that should be the audio and text downloads (if it is available for that video)
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OK, thank you, Carel! I should have seen that. The text is downloaded as .srt . I think we cannot use that format in LINGQ. How do you convert it into a format that LINGQ can work with?

Hi carel_hotello,
Best you can do for now is to use video url under resources tab when importing a lesson and have it available for watching while going through lesson. Not sure at this moment when it will be possible to import YT video text and audio at once, but hopefully one day. I’ll add your suggestion on the wishlist.

Thanks Zoran!

If you open the srt file using something like Microsoft notepad, then you can easily copy and paste the text into Lingq. Don’t worry about the minute/time markers - Lingq tends to ignores these numbers.

That helps me a lot. Thank you, Carel!

I do not use keepvid for that… I used to get tranciptions on youtube, copy and paste, and use video-mp3 converter sites.
I´ll give keepvid a try.

I just want to vote on a YT import!

Right now I am using different website to extract the audio and the text, but it takes a lot of time.

I deffinetively know of some people that would use LingQ if the YT import option was available.

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We do have this in our list of things to explore. Thanks for the feedback!


I’d love to see that feature. Having to do it manually takes quite some time, so this would be great.

This thread was just brought to my attention. We have added this functionality in case you missed the announcement. Any videos with captions can be imported using the browser extension. It will also work on some other sites with video like and although the videos from those sites cant be displayed on LingQ.

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