Import term and phrase without using .csv

I would like to import a sample sentence when importing words or phrases with the Import Vocabulary button. In other words without having to struggle with creating a csv file. Is this possible?

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You can just click on the Import Vocabulary button, enter or paste term or list of terms you want to import (one term per line) and confirm on the import button. You can import both single words or sentences.
Terms will then appear on the list of your LingQs. Then just simple click on them to add translations, notes, tags etc…
Note that you can’t add sample sentences to imported terms this way.

I tried to do this but there is no way that I can see to associate a phrase with an imported word (other than to use the .csv format).

@JohnnyU That’s correct, if you want to include phrase to your imported term, you will need to import it through CSV file.

Thank you.

Hello Zoran (or anyone who can help).
I have a stack of words (from a vocabulary builder) and have exported to CSV file. I titled the columns accordingly (term; phrase; tag1) but it doesn’t import, keeps telling me that I need a column “term” etc.
Any ideas, or has anyone an empty CSV file to play with?

Please shoot me an email on support(at) and send me the file you’re trying to import. I’ll take a closer look and let you know what you are doing wrong.