Import problem: Not all of the text is being imported into the lesson

Hello, I am trying to import the chapter of a book but Lingq does not allow me to import the entire text.

I have tried importing in two ways: I have copied the text from a website and pasted it into the “Input Text” box, and I have also saved the text into a TXT file and uploaded the file.

In both cases, the created lesson only has around the first 1,700-2,000 words of the 3,000 word chapter. (If I upload the txt file it will import more words than if I use the cut and paste method.)

Is there a limit on how many words can be in a single lesson? Or is this a bug? Thank you.

Yes, lesson is limited to 2000 words. If you are importing text longer that that, it will split in parts and you will get the Part 1, Part 2 etc…