Import podcasts from Spotify?

Spotify has many foreign language podcasts with auto-generated transcripts (decent transcriptions IMO). I would love to import this content for study in the LinQ app. Has anyone had success doing so? If not, are there any other podcast platforms that are easier to import from?


I’m also looking for a way to Import podcasts from Spotify. help

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all you need is audio. There may be some methods i don’t know about to download podcast audio but you could also use a screen recorder and manually record it using something obs or audacity and then just import it. You can now also generate subtitles with the new ai feature lingq has but of course its better to use actual subtitles if they are available. I have done this with some shows

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Can you tell in detail? i am using spotify premium apk version, how can i do Import podcasts?

I’ve never used imported content from Spotify, but as @scrubtaku says, all you need is the audio.
You can find lots of ‘Spotify to MP3’ sites in which you can manually convert the audio to an MP3 file which you can then upload to LingQ’s whisper function to generate text.

This is generally how I import content from YouTube, as I prefer whisper’s text than the YouTube subtitles. It works for YouTube videos, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t for Spotify. Unless I’m missing something.

Alternatively, you can manually record the podcast on another device or with screen record and do the same thing.

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Thanks very much for your great idea. I found a tool namely DRmare Spotify Music Converter to help me convert Spotify to MP3 with ease, and then successfully upload them to LingQ.

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