Import podcast TRANSCRIPTS from Spotify?

There’s an Indonesian podcast on Spotify I want to listen to. What I’d like to be able to do is get a transcript of the podcast on Lingq. I don’t really care about listening to the podcast on Lingq (I can listen to it on Spotify), but I’d like to be able to get the transcript on Lingq so that I can log my known words.

For this podcast, Spotify provides an auto-generated transcript within the Spotify app (see screenshot below). But Spotify doesn’t let you copy the text, which I would need to be able to do to paste it into a Lingq lesson.

In previous posts on this forum about how to import a Spotify podcasts, some people have cited this blog (How to add podcasts to Lingq (using Spotify and Lingq Importer)) explaining how to use a certain paid tool to import Spotify podcasts into Lingq, but I’m wondering if there’s a free workaround, especially since I just need the transcript.

Anyone have a solution?

try do it on web browser, too bad they don’t do this for more podcasts


Hopefully someone will be able to help you!