Import podcast from Spotify

I’d love to be able to import a podcast. This one is on Spotify… Psicologia Al Desnudo | @psi.mammoliti | Podcast on Spotify

Any ideas about how I can do it? I know how to create a lesson, but I´m not sure where to find the URL for audio

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Take a look at this blog post, maybe you’ll find some useful information:


Hi, there. Maybe this can be helpful:
Since Lingq supports MP3 audio format, you can try to convert the Spotify podcast into MP3 first. Then you can upload the MP3 podcast on the website. Besides podcasts, the Spotify Music Converter can also convert Spotify songs, audiobooks, and playlists. Have a try! I myself find it practical and beneficial. :grinning:

I’m also looking for a way to Import podcasts from Spotify

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