Import order of new lessons

Since a few days, new imported lessons in a course are constantly placed at the beginning of a course. Is this a deliberate decision or a bug? It causes a mess in my courses which often comprise either news which get old after a while or hand-imported books. The solutions to reorder the lessons with the regulator (?) from old to new and to reorder them by hand aren’t suitable. The first one isn’t permanent and therefore more or less totally useless, the second one takes too much time.

2-3 days of learning on Lingq in a row without any tech-issue would be a blessing.

That sounds like a bug. We will look into it. Thanks for letting us know.

Any news on this? Because the problem still appears. And this costs me a lot of time: I have a French book almost completely copied, each chapter as a new lesson, but the order is completely destroyed.

To add some additional information: The courses are sorted differently in the browser and in the Android-App, but in any case they are in the wrong order. When I try to reorder them by hand, they are in the correct order.

@partrickbormann Just to let you know that the issue you reported here has been reported to our developers. it’s not yet fixed but I expect that we will have it taken care of soon.
Thanks for your patience!