Import not working from kindle ebook


I’m trying to import the hobbit in spanish and the file in my folder is just gray and it wont let me click on it. How can I solve this?

Kindle books are under the copyright protection and can’t be imported. sorry.

nalacat…try this instructions in this thread if you are on Windows machine:

Be sure to follow the instructions precisely, and watch for the Amazon Kindle desktop software automatically updating itself (this is where most folks have trouble). It needs to be on the specific version noted in the instructions.

I’ve had luck just by virtue of having old kindle going to the website, managing kindle content and downloading “via usb” (right click I believe on the book or click 3 dots). If you have an old kindle (and maybe new?? ) you’ll have this option.

From there, in Calibre I’ve added my kindle information and am able to convert it to mobi file. I do have the DeDRM tools that Peter outlines as well so that is probably also removing the the DRM.

Third option has been used by some successfully…epubor:

There is a free trial which I think may give you the opportunity to try it on one or maybe several books.

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I don’t think there is a way unless there has been recent changes. Unfortunately kindle has security feature that make it difficult. Perhaps there are other ebook options. I wish lingq could have more paid ebook content