Import media articles from your Feed on the iOS app

We just pushed a new version of the iOS app which includes media articles in the Lesson Feed just like on the web. Just tap one of these articles to go that article on the web and then tap the Import button to import it as a lesson on LingQ. These articles are pulled from popular news outlets in your target language and provide more opportunities to find content of interest to learn from. Of course, these imported news articles do not have audio like the rest of the lessons in our library but help provide you with a range of content to keep you motivated and active and always improving!

Of course, if you want to import from other sources, you can also use the import widget in your Safari share menu to import on your device

Besides the addition of media articles in your Lesson Feed, and some bugfixes, the new version 4.2.1 lets you filter and review by tags and SRS date on the Vocabulary page.

Enjoy the update! Tell us what you think.

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