Import Mandarin news from iOS app

It’s great to have the option to import news items directly inside the app. However, when the app imports news from a Taiwanese site the text in traditional characters even if the app is set to use simplified. That makes the feature pretty useless. Would it be possible to have the text converted first before inporting it?

Hi JanTea. Are you saying that the app is converting the characters when they are imported? Or that you would like them to be converted?

The first would be a bug, but the second is not something we support.

When you say the app is “set to use simplified” do you mean the interface language? The interface language does not affect the lesson text at all.

I mean the second and i know that you don’t support it. However, it would be nice it would. I’m learning simplified Chinese, so when I import news, most of the characters are not recognized by Linqg. So, like this, the news feature has - unfortunately - pretty much no value.

I had the same (or similar?) experience with the Android app (beta).
Using the PC, imported a news article from a website using Traditional characters (which I’d prefer to learn) to LingQ, which then converted everything to Simplified characters.
However, going back and opening this lesson on the Android app on my phone, I found that the text was back in Traditional! However all the Traditional characters were dead links and did nothing.