Import Limit

We have been discussing the 5 lesson Import limit and the restriction on sharing content to paying members. Obviously, some of our content providers and potential content providers are not paying members and yet provide a valuable service to the community. We are reconsidering this restriction and are looking for your feedback.

The reasons we brought in this restriction are as follows. Firstly, all of the imported content and audio files take up a lot of space on our servers which costs us money. Therefore, we think those taking advantage of this feature should pay for it. Secondly, importing is an attractive feature and making it a perk for paying members makes upgrading more attractive. Third of all, our content providers do get points when their content is used and we’re not sure it’s fair to paying members to give their expired points to non paying members.

Please tell us what you think.

I think providing interesting content is a service that shoud earn the provider a few cents. If people don’t find the content interesting they won’t use it.

…should… (unintentionally posted too early). Maybe content could be rated and the content rated worst or not used at all could be deleted after a certain period. Members with editing rights could do that.
Members who don’t use up their points (earned by tutoring) can have money transferred to a Paypal account or just view their expired points as donations for the good of the community. After all they also benefit from imported content. Every paying member doesn’t share content perhaps.

I think the libraries are the most valuable part of LingQ. They are such a gold mine! If you are the type to use a system like LingQ, there is so much in one place! Good, shared, library items will be the best way to get people who are the type to use a system like LingQ, hooked on LingQ itself.

Therefore, I think the import of shared materials which are copyright-free should be free to all. I think what should be restricted is the private import.

I think non paying members can be compensated for importing the same as paying members. Paying members upgrade for more important reasons than provider awards, which are not at a constant rate anyway. Vera, correct me if I am wrong, but I see importing as mostly an end in itself or as a personal expression. Paying members are happy to get a few points, but I don’t think that they are going to be jealous of non-paying members getting the same rate.

Also, if you have an automated email warning people when their points expire, the rate for provider awards would be so low that it wouldn’t matter.

Finally I think there has to be a quality control mechanism on the library. It was mentioned that items not used for 60 days would be deleted. I think that should be developed into a more sophisticated feedback form that will easily tell you what items are working well as teaching materials and what are not. Of course then the poorly graded materials can be deleted.

" the restriction on sharing content to paying members" - to date I thought restrictions concern only free members. Well, if that will do you good…

when the space on your servers costs a lot of money, perhaps the members could delete some Archived Lessons and other bits and pieces to what they would never come back. I reckon I could get rid of ca 20% of stuff.

" the restriction on sharing content to paying members" = sharing content is restricted to all BUT paying members

thanks Ed, I didn’t catch that at once. There is a lot to improve for me…

dooo: the voice of logic for everything :slight_smile:

Furtherto my above post, if there are a group of items that are judged of superior quality, I think that a fraction of them could be classed as premium content . This would be accessible only for paying members. I am talking about less than 2% or 3% of the entire library. This would attract paying members.There would have to be some kind of deal with the provider, of course.

Ps thanks for the boost KTM :slight_smile:

Hi Ed, To be honest I didn’t get the whole meaning of "Vera, correct me if I am wrong, but I see importing as mostly an end in itself or as a personal expression. "
I import so much to make LingQ the best place to learn languages! I think you cannot find another place on the internet with so many different podcasts on each level for German! Okay, there is “Deutsche Welle” but they receive money from the government and they are professionals. By the way, I provide now more than 1,000 German podcasts :slight_smile:

I want to mention that the huge library with the content attracts me to LingQ. The library is really impressive especially for new members. It is a value that they see with one sight. Maybe the number of not shared items should be limited. I think, this would be fair.


Since you are the most prolific importer of shared content, I was asking you if I was right when I said that people import shared content mostly for reasons other than than the provider awards.

I think that shared content should not be counted.

(otherwise I can’t upload “Rasana’s corner” anymore, as I shared it from my mama’s account, and she is not paying member. By the way, she even does not use earned points…)

I think free members should be allowed to post public content as well as paying members, and not doing so would only hurt Lingq. Library size is critical to the success of the site, and anyone whos willing to provide content should be encouraged to do so. I think you should make the processes of uploading public and private content different, like put it on separate pages or something. That way you can put separate limits on each one, namely a limit on private and no limit on public. And I don’t see what’s unfair about giving free users points for their content, they put in the effort to make the content, they should be rewarded.

By the way, sometimes there is such situations, when an active lingqer does not have enough time to learn at LingQ, so he does not pay for month or so. But he has time to correct writings once a week, record some beginner content… But with this limit he can’t upload this lessons. I even know who it is :)))

Very good point Rasana. Sometimes veteran LingQers downgrade to free for a while (because they have started a course and aren’t sure what time they can commit to LingQ). It would be a shame if “free member” equated to “non-contributing member”.

Also, I have imported Russian content that I could share (it’s copyright free) but I’ve just been too lazy to import all the audio and put it into the library properly. If there were a limit on personal imports but not on shared ones then that might motivate me to share. Or, if I don’t want to share, to upgrade to Premium :wink:

Even if some of the content providers and potential content providers are not paying members, they are valuable members in LingQ. Especially the members who provide their original content. I agree with others. It’s better to allow to import the shared content even if they are free members. The restriction should limit the private import for free members.

How about appoint some royal members by administrator? If I’m a administrator, I appoint Rasana and Emma as royal members, even if they are in free membership.

I must say I am terribly sorry for all of the imported content and audio files which take up a lot of space on your servers, especially more than 300 contents of Radio Japon 200 of RFI and many files (with audio files) of Chinese (I personally find all textbooks extraordinary), which are not probably copyright free, but I would like to share all files if possible. I think Ling Q system is very useful so I regularly import them. So if possible, will pay 6 month’s member ship in order to keep my personal contents.

So if possible, I will pay 6 month’s member ship in order to keep my personal contents.