Import lessons

Do you guys know if it okay to import articles from “El Pais”? I mean, is that legal?


Hi marbatis

You can import anything you like and use it for your own learning, as everything imported is initially private and not public.

However, if you would like to share something in the library, then you need to get the express permission of the author/provider.


Many people do not understand the Import feature. You can import anything you like as you do not share it. I import most things that I want to read in a foreign language, to make sure I can learn from it.

Thanks guys! That was very helpful. Besides importing the articles I am also importing the audio files produced by my text-to-speech software “TextAloud”.

I would be wary when using text-to-speech software.

Remember that this is audio you are using to attune your brain to the language and which your brain will also use as a basis for later output, and so you don’t want to listen to too much of the robotic (even though some text-to-speech software is getting quite good, e.g. the one you get if you buy a Kindle) speech produced by such programs.

It’s best to stick with good old authentic audio, and listen to the contrived stuff only sporadically, when you’ve got no other choice.

Thanks for the heads up. =P This one (“Alberto”) is really good. I happen to have the Kindle DX and Alberto and Mike from ATT natural voice (used by textaloud) are as good as “Tom” from Realspeak the one used by Kindle.