Import Lessons with 1-Click, New Cloze Test

We just added the Import Bookmarklet to the site. This bookmarklet allows you to highlight and import any text on the web and import it into your LingQ account with 1-click. Just drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar, then when you find a good piece of content highlight the text you want to import, click the bookmarklet and the text will open up as a lesson on LingQ. It’s that simple! Happy LingQing!

Also, those of you who remember the old Test functionality from TheLinguist will be happy to know we have brought back the Cloze Test. Now, on the Vocabulary page, you can select some LingQs and click the “Cloze Test” link to test them. You will see that you get a chunk of context containing that term and a dropdown with 5 options to choose from. Choose the right option and you see a green check mark. Choose incorrectly and you see a red X. Once you have chosen an answer you can adjust the status for that term based on how well you think you know it. Simply click on your desired status and it adjusts at a click just like on the flashcards. Yet another reason to create more LingQs!

There seem to be some glitches with the bookmarklet, unfortunately. Right now, nothing seems to happen although the text is imported and can be found on LingQ. What should happen is that the text gets imported and opens up in LingQ. We’re working on it…

For me, the import tool only worked in Firefox (I don’t know which version), but the text didn’t open automatically (when I went to the lessons page I found four identical imports)

The Bookmarklet works fine in Firefox, but there is no feedback about the success of the operation.

I am keen to test it. Unfortunately, I don’ see the text open up as a lesson (Firefox, the latest version)

It’s not opening up like it is supposed to although it is working and is being added on LingQ if you go to the site separately. We are working on fixing it.

I love this new importer bookmarklet thingy! I think I will be using it a lot.

I love the Cloze test too, though I’m not clear how to score it.

We have now fixed all issues with the bookmarklet. It should now automatically open your selected text on LingQ as a lesson. It was replaced on the site around 10 hours ago. If you tried it before that, you will have to delete the old bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar and drag the new one instead.

@skyblueteapot - There is no score on the Cloze test. It is simply another tool for practicing your vocabulary. You can adjust your term’s status as you go.

I am currently not a paying member. Trying to use the new ( fixed) bookmarklet, I’ve got the message that I must be (at least) a basic member. Fair enough. Just to let you Mark know in case it wasn’ supposed to be so at this stage.

Thanks, Ilya. I forgot to mention that. Yes, it is only for paying members. We will be adding that information to the membership chart. The Cloze Test too, will be restricted to paying members as well shortly.


Have been trying to use the bookmarklet to import material. I believe I am following the correct procedure, but am having no success. Any suggestions?

Thank You


Hi Gary,

The steps are as follows: drag the Import Bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Go to a webpage with text on it, and highlight the text. Then click on the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar. Unless there is some strange coding on the page, you should be taken to the lesson in the LingQ library right after clicking on the bookmark.
If you’re still having trouble, please let us know what steps you’re taking so we can locate the problem.

Hi Alex,

I thought I had dragged the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar, but the link that was created only took me back to the import page. I deleted that from the bar. Now when I load the Import page and hover over the bookmark aplet, it shows along the bottom bar of the window that it is a java script etc, but it does not allow itself to be dragged anywhere. There is a yellow triangle at the bottom left of the page that indicates that there are errors on the page. I am using IE 8.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Gary,

It seems there may be some errors with IE. I would advise you to switch to a faster and more reliable browser like Chrome or Firefox, as these will provide a more pleasurable experience not only on our site but also in general. Also, the bookmarklet should be working fine in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Ok Alex,

I have installed Chrome and it works fine. Now I just have to get used to operating this new browser.

Thank You,


Hi Gary, I’ve written an instruction how to do this with Internet Explorer 8. It is written in German but there are a lot of pictures and I’m sure you can understand the procedure: LingQ / Importiere Lektionen mit einem Klick
It works fine for me.

By the way Alex, you think IE is unreliable? Interesting point. So you will not support IE in the future and miss all the interested people who use it? Will you not support IE in the future? Do you think all people switch to another browser because of LingQ? I have to mention that I never have problems with IE except for LingQ. Should I change my browser because of LingQ?

It is possible to use one browser for LingQ and another browser for the rest of your work.

I don’t think that we will not support IE but we simply have to operate within some priorities. We simply do not have the resources to solve every problem that arises.

One day, if we are very successful, we will have lots of programmers and hopefully be able to better respond to all these issues.

Vera, of course we are not going to stop supporting IE. Roughly one third of our members use it. I just read that post of ghenders and we will be retesting IE to make sure there are no problems with the bookmarklet. We made sure it worked on IE before we launched and this is the first we have heard of a bug in IE. Perhaps they have made an update that is causing this problem. At any rate, Alex was just trying to be helpful by suggesting a workaround.

Hi Gary,

Glad to hear you got it to work. I’m a fan of Chrome myself, so I hope you enjoy it as I do.

Vera, I think you’re reading too much into what I said. Although I recommend people use Chrome or Firefox out of personal preference, you are free to use Internet Explorer.
I did, however, enjoy this comment that someone made: “I haven’t used IE for like seven years now, and I see absolutely no use for it (actually, that’s a lie… I open it once to download Firefox)”. :slight_smile: