Import lessons disappearing

I have imported a course yesterday but it does not appear on my imported lessons anymore. I can find it on my recent lessons on the website but it is not possible to find it on the app.
Do you know a solution to make it appear on my imported lessons again ?

Thanks !

I’m also missing an imported lesson, but since I imported it through the feed, there is no way to find it again, is there?

Sorry about this. We are trying to figure out what is going on there? We hope to have it fixed soon.

@kivdixon @Car2017 If you have imported a new lesson or more of them without selecting a level, make sure to have all 6 levels included under filters to make sure that lessons without level will appear on the list too.

I did that, but I can’t find it anywhere. Not under “newest lessons”, not under “my lessons” and not under “my imports” either. Strangely enough, there are two texts which I imported that appear under “new lessons”, but not “my imports”. Is that a bug?

Edit: I did find it again by searching on the web and managed to import it now, but when trying to find it again through the feed, I noticed that there were a lot of bugs in the feed, with news pieces appearing over and over again.

When you say “newest lessons” do you mean when the Sort in Filters is set to Newly Accessed? This shows you the lessons you have opened most recently. The same filters appear in My Imports so the order should be the same minus any lessons you have opened from the library. If that isn’t the case, it does sound like there is some strange bug in your account. Have you tried searching for the missing lesson titles in the search box on My Lessons?

Can you tell me which language you are seeing these multiple media entries in?

I mean the “newest lessons” stuff at the top, the lessons I’ve opened most recently indeed. Yes, I have, they’re not there.

I know it definitely happened with Spanish, but not all the time. One time when it happened was when I tried scrolling to the very end to start searching again from the latest news articles, but I couldn’t repeat it right now. It also happened to me in the Android app, but I’m not sure any more when.

 I'm also having this problem. I uploaded a Kpop song's lyrics, did the lesson for that song, and then uploaded the lyrics to another Kpop song and saved that one as well (but did not do the lesson for the second song). The first song can only be found in a wide and short rectangular box in the top right corner of the page, along with other lessons I have done recently that are also in rectangular boxes. The second song cannot be found at all. Note that I have searched all over the place, (My Lessons, My Courses, Library, etc).
 I should note that I have never had this problem with Spanish or German imported material, although the reason for this may not be because these are different languages, but rather because I uploaded much larger content, such as Wikipedia articles, whereas for Korean I only imported songs which are comparatively shorter.
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All lessons you import should show up in My Lessons. Use the Sort “Newly Imported” to make sure you see them all.

It still doesn’t work. Is there some kind of tech support for this site?

Yes, just email support at lingq dot com and they will help you out.

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We will get it fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue @mattn1992, and thanks for your patience.

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Thanks. It works better now.