Import Lesson

Is there any documentation for an API to import a lesson? I want to create a python script to auto-import a wikipedia article. I’ll open source the code… assuming there’s an API to do it. I’d rather not weed around in FireBug if I don’t have to

This isn’t part of our API at the moment. Instead, why not try using the Import Bookmarklet? You can find out more here:

Import Bookmarklet is inefficient and doesn’t make the wikipedia text look nice. Need to remove the formatting… etc. I figured it out with FireBug. Simple multi-part form POST. If I get some time this week I’ll code something up and maybe you can consider incorporating it into the site

I would be interested in anything that improves our import functions. I don’t know what is involved in integrating this with our system, though. We use python.

Well I looked into this. I would say it really isn’t worth the effort to try and beautify wikipedia imports. Normally I’m really OCD about text formatting and what not (that’s what prompted me to think about the import function) but I’ll just have to get over that. I’ve tried the Import Bookmarklet quite a few times now and it does a fairly good job with wikipedia. I may revisit this later but right now I’ve convinced myself wikipedia articles are NOT good things to try and work through as a beginner. I think I spent 2 hours yesterday reading 2 paragraphs and struggled to understand anything.


We have so much content in our library for German that I think that should keep you occupied for a while. I have found newspapers more interesting than Wikipedia but that is a matter of taste. If you have favourite imported content you want recorded you could also ask here. Text, URL’s, audio and video can be put on our Walls. You may even consider offering some points for this if it is worth it for you. But, as I say, the Library is really huge.

We are also working on making the Library easier to navigate right now and you should see the results in the next few days or so, depending on the snags and problems we run into.