Import jumping back to top when Lingq'ing unknown words via dictionary

I’m not quite sure if this has been reported before. If it was just point me to the right thread, will you?

I’m studying Swedish on LingQ but import almost all my lessons rather than use the ones provided. I gather that Swedish isn’t all that popular because there are big “holes” and even downright mistakes in the vocabulary, i.e. “rep” is translated to German as “Vertreter” (representative). In actual fact “rep” is “Seil, Strick” (rope). So I than click on “Create hint” which points to The pop-up opens - and my imported text promptly jumps back to the top as if I had just opened it. I have to scroll back down to where I was again and again which takes a lot of time with a longer import (today was 447 words).

This does not happen when I just look over the words that are already LingQed/yellow and it usually doesn’t happen for the first word I look up.

I’m using Google Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 (64-bit) for Mac.
Clearing the cache makes no difference.
It makes no difference whether I’m using or Google Translate.
I did not try another browser because of the import bookmarklet which doesn’t work in any other browser.

Here’s a recent log from the console:
Everything was fine with the work nickar but it happened again with pillar.

Any ideas?

Hi! Sorry for the trouble with this one. This is unfortunately related to some code on’s site that interferes with the operation on our site and results in the position getting reset.

I’ve now set this dictionary to open in a popup, so ensure your popup blocker is disabled and allows popups from

Let us know if you encounter any issues with this dictionary!

Thanks a lot, it works fine now :slight_smile: