Import Issues

I have reached the end of the mini stories (for Bulgarian), and I’m starting to import more. I’ve found that the importing is not as good as I was hoping, and in order to “fix” it, I have to spend a lot of time editing the lesson.

I’m importing videos from Youtube with subtitles.

I’m seeing a lot of whole sentences being broken up into multiple lines and paragraphs, this makes it difficult to learn the lesson sentence by sentence. In order to combine two lines, that should be together, I can’t just remove the paragraph space, because they won’t show up together when viewing the lesson in sentence mode. This requires me to cut/paste the lines, and also make sure the video time is set correctly. This is really a pain, and should be made easier. Also, there isn’t an undo making mistakes (like accidental deletions) difficult to recover from.

Please work on this, it is one of the things that sets LingQ apart from other applications, and the main reason I decided to spend money on this.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will do our best to have it improved in the upcoming updates.