Import Help

I watched some foreign movies with subs and I want to import the audio and subs to LingQ for myself, but how do I do that?

Sorry, kind of new here.

How often do you guys use your own imported content over the ones already available at LingQ btw?

@RedExodus - You can import subtitles by copying and pasting the text from the .srt file and pasting it into LingQ. You may have time codes in the file but the numbers should be ignored :slight_smile:

I almost exclusively use my own content. There is some great stuff in the Korean library and I’ve used up a good amount of it, but I also enjoy importing text that I find on the internet, whether from blogs or news articles, to study within LingQ.

Welcome to LingQ. Like Alex, I’ve used up a lot of the great stuff in LingQ’s libraries for Spanish and French. In addition, I have imported etexts and, but only rarely, I have scanned and imported texts from short stories and novels. Outside sources of audio are a bit more difficult to find than etexts, but I have also imported audiobooks and audio files.

Great stuff! Right now though, I have to go through the learning curve of learning how to find resources that fit me.