Import extension on Chrome and Firefox only importing video description

I’m a new Lingq member so maybe I’m doing this wrong, but I installed the Chrome extension today and then tried to import a video from I opened the video on the website and then clicked ‘import’ on the extension, but it only downloads the text from the description, and not the content of the video itself.

I tried it again with Firefox, and got the same result. Is there something I should be doing differently?

What happens if you try to import from YouTube? Does it work in that case?
I am not sure we support importing from, please note that LingQ imported can’t support importing from all website with subtitled videos.
YouTube, Netflix, Animeleon, Viki, Anjsub should all work fine.

I imported one video from YouTube successfully, but the problem is the video series that I want (Pimpa) aren’t subtitled, they only have Google’s auto-generated subtitle which are not correct. I also tried importing two videos from Netflix and it imported the subtitles but not the sound.

Yes, that’s how Netflix importing works. It’s not possible to get video or audio, only subtitles.

Okay, thanks. Do you know if there’s any way will be supported in the future? I’d love to work on some of the Italian videos there.

I’ll check if we can support it.

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Thank you :slight_smile: