Import extension for Safari 16.5.2

On my Mac desktop I had been using the LingQ 1.0.25 in Safari. But that no longer works. Is there an updated extension that I can get? Thx

@Ted_Gilmore just click the extension on a blank Safari page and you should have a message to upgrade. Then follow the process to download the extension, then click on the app once it is in place and you should be good to go.

The 1.0.25 version is gone. This is a Mac desktop. The Apple store app is only available for the Ipad or Iphone. If I use Safari on the desktop I have no extensions. I also don’t see it on the App store. Can I get this from my LingQ account

I would add that I have no problem with Google Chrome on this Mac. I can import without an issue, and the import icon appears on the upper-right side of the Chrome screen. Beautiful. But if I switch over to Safari on this machine, there is nothing.

@Ted_Gilmore The screenshot I showed you come from the Mac desktop version. If you had the version before and you don’t have it now it is because you deleted it? Or have you checked if you have uninstalled the extension on Safari or if you have just disabled it?

Anyway, you don’t find the extension in the App Store, this should be the link: Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension!

You can download the extension and install it again or upgrade the previous, it is the same.

Thanks @davideroccate for helping out! @Ted_Gilmore please try installing the latest extension version from the URL Davide provided and let me know if you still have issues.

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It worked! For some reason it needed to process overnight, but this morning the icon is in the upper right hand corner of the Safari screen, and I checked the Safari - Settings - Extensions (after a re-boot) and it references the 1.0.26 version. I also processed several YT imports and they worked fine. Thanks for your help in getting this resolved.


Great, glad to hear it!