Import error?

I have been uploading some of my content from my other language courses via import lately since I have upgraded my account. I started to put some content into the import that was basically in bullet format (i.e. 1.(sentence) 2. (sentence), etc). When I click save and open everything just becomes a big paragraph and not in its original format.

Is this an error or has it always been like this?

@Nick910 - If you want to have bullet points, use the bullet button at the bottom of the text window to make sure the formatting is correct.

I been trying to copy and paste everything since all of the content is pre-typed in a document.

Oh wait! Never mind Mark. I figured it out. I use Google documents and I was copy and pasting from their old format. So I had to move everything over from the old format to the new format of their document layout. Then could I copy and paste it over to an import file.