Import Error

I’ve been struggling with imported lessons all day, I just can’t import .
There’s always ERROR 500.

Anyone else had this problem?

Sorry about that! There is currently an issue with the importing function on the site, but our developers are working on it and hopefully fix will be on production soon.
​Thanks for your patience!

You should be able to import, it is just the importing of audio files that is breaking that page right now. If it’s not working for you, try importing just the text for now. We hope to have the issue resolved in the next day or so. Sorry about this.

I am able to import only the first chunk of a lesson over 2000 words at the moment. I hit “save” and the only bit of the lesson that imports is the first part. I get a message saying that the rest of the lesson is coming but it never does.

Given that I am trying to read a long Russian novel, not having the ability to import large chapter size lessons is making LingQ very inconvenient for me.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry! We’ll get that fixed as soon as we can.

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Members importing and sharing lessons – which should be the absolute backbone of lingq – is now, almost, at the point where it is not worth the trouble.

Multiple errors when importing.

Only certain rates of mp3 can be imported.

Text completely distorted, when finally able to import.

Huge chunks of text of missing after import.

Huge uneven spread of text across pages after import.

All up, can take over an hour just to import a lesson.


Importing of audio files should be working now. We’re still working on the splitting issue for long imports. Sorry again.

@iaing - I don’t fully understand all the issues you are having but the most helpful thing would be if you could email support with details and links or attachments containing the texts that are causing you problems. For the last day, there has been an issue with splitting of longer texts into parts but otherwise, things have been working fine.