Import ebooks in only one lesson

Is there a way to import one ebook and have it all in only one lesson?
30+ lessons for each book are a mess to manage, especially with the buggy search/sort interface of the smartphone app


Not at the moment I am afraid. I hope the day comes when we can have one lesson = one chapter.


Not possible at the moment, lesson at LingQ is limited to 2000 words and when you are importing texts longer than that, it needs to be split in parts.

Agree. The best that can be done is to import one chapter at a time. At least that way the chapter doesn’t end up merging with another one in the middle of a section.

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@SeoulMate: That would be great, maybe with an integration of ChatGPT or similar, that will be able to recognize the chapters and split the lessons accordingly.

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Is the root of the problem that lesson text is stored as a single field in some relational database?

Here’s how I organize ebooks.

  1. Split the book into chapters and make each chapter a pdf.
  2. Import a chapter.pdf. LingQ will split it into 2K lessons, and it will put them all in a Course with the Chapter name.

All the parts will have ridiculous names, e.g. Part (1), Part(2) etc. I edit each lesson to change the Lesson names to something more meaningful for me. I also prepare a *.jpg that I can drop in while I’m editing the file so I have a meaningful thumbnail for each lesson and Chapter as well.

I never use the Lessons tab in LingQ even though it’s the default. Everything I have is jammed onto that tab making it worthless for organization or selection. I use the Courses tab. Since all my Courses have a thumbnail I made, I can readily identify them. I also freely edit Course and Lesson titles so they are meaningful to me so they pop out on the Courses page.

It’s a makeshift method, and takes a little time, but it allows you some abilities to organize the material yourself.

I even have a couple of books that weren’t available as ebooks that I OCR scanned, then imported using this method. Even more work, but they’re books I frequently read, so it has been worth it.