Import Ebook chapter/chapter title


I have recently started reading an ebook on LingQ instead of my kindle, which I usually use, and I must say I like it more. I have the phone on me more often, and it is quicker to look up words. Anyhow, to my question:

I was wondering if there was a way to also import the chapters and chapter titles. The book I’m reading now changes POV every chapter, and thus the first few sentences can be a bit confusing when there is no chapter title.
It doesn’t need to split the parts by chapters or anything, just a space and a chapter number/title would be really great.

If there is a way to do this that I missed please let me know!

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I too love reading books in Lingq, but it’s quite complicated to make it work. I’m assuming that you got that chapter into Lingq by copying and pasting it. You need to understand that most Kindle books are restricted: you can either copy only a limited amount of material or sometimes none at all. To get the whole book into Lingq, you have to remove the DRM, the software code that controls your access to the book. As of this point for me, the best–if not the only–way to do it is with an application called Epubor Ultimate. You have to pay for it but it works almost all the time with Kindle books.

If chapter titles are in ebook as text, they will be imported together with rest of the text, they shouldn’t be excluded. Or are you saying that they are imported but aren’t recognized as separate line?

Not OP, but I know with the Harry Potter first book I imported the title is there, but it looks like the other text surrounding it. There’s also no chapter #…but that’s the way the actual book is. In other words the chapter title does not stand out. Depending on the title it almost seems like part of the story, other than it usually doesn’t make sense in the surrounding context and usually isn’t a full sentence.

There also isn’t a way to know in which part of the individual lessons a chapter break has occurred. So if I want to find the start of Chapter 3, I have no idea what lesson it might be in, or where in the lesson. I’d probably have to get the actual chapter title from the book and then go into each lesson and search.

Obviously it may be difficult to determine these things programatically in some cases so I’m not sure what the answer is, but these type of things would be nice to have if someone can solve them.

They were not imported, I believe. They should just have been a number and a name, but I have not noticed it being there. I must have read over half the book by now.
You are very correct, I tried importing a sample of another book, and it has chapter number and chapter title, so everything seems to be working fine!