Import doesn't work

Something is wrong with import right now. I get HTTP error 500 when I’m trying to save a new imported lesson.

Hi Niksa,

I don’t seem to be having this error when importing new lessons. Can you try it again to see if you still receive the same error?

Yes, the error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) is still here, but it only happens to Italian section! I was able to successfully import a new English lesson.
Also I noticed that right after the unsuccessful import attemp my Lessons list on the Welcome page in Italian section got cleared. I’m still able to view all my lessons under the “My lessons” though…

Maybe I did too much uploads and should delete some old italian lessons? :slight_smile:

I deleted some of my old italian lessons and… it didn’t help.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

I gave it another try and found that my error depends on content I’m trying to upload. I skipped one chapter of the book I read and the next chapter was uploaded without any problems.

@Niksa - Would you be able to send over one of the chapters that is consistently giving you errors?

I sent it as a txt-file. While preparing the file I noticed a very long word in the text: “Duemilasettecentosessantamiliardiottocentottantanovemilioninovecentosessantaseimilaseicentoquarantanove”. Maybe this enormous word is causing the error…


The long string of text would definitely do it!