Import: Convert CC to Subtitles

I recently imported subtitles from Netflix. It works great. The only problem i am facing is that the shows which i am watching ONLY support Closed Captions instead of Langauge Subtitles.

Example in English:
CC: [the sound of glass shattering] [loud gasp] “You dropped the glass”
Subtitles: “You dropped the glass”

The CC usually has vocab which is way to advanced for beginners.
A feature which removes all the content in the rectangular brackets while importing and therefore converts CC to Subtitles would be quite helpful.
I am curious if some of you are having the same problem?


I used to have this option (of removing the bracketed content) on by default in this Rooster tools. The problem I found with it is that by removing it you also remove the narration tags, which can be crucial to following a story when it is written in this format.

[eerie music playing]
[Character 1]: sentence
[Character 2]: sentence

It seemed like a better option to just leave the cc content in. Saying that, I think LingQ could use more import preferences in general.

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