Import Bookmarlet

About the new version of the import bookmarklet, it works fine when I choose Italian but I can’t make it work with English. Nothing happens, really…
I am using Firefox right now.

Is there a new version of the Import Bookmarklet? :-o
What’s new in it?

@Diego_R -Thank you for pointing this out. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fix, but we’ll look at getting this corrected soon.

@mikebond - In the recent update, we also added the option to select the language to import a lesson into. Go ahead and give it a try :slight_smile:

Fixed, good job guys, thanks a lot.
Michele give it a go, but be careful, it’s addictive :smiley:

I wish I could give it a go, Diego… but Polish is missing! :((( And I don’t see Arabic, Dutch and Latin either. (Czech is available… but why Turkish, too?)

Michele, we’ll look into why this is the case, and will be sure to add all languages to the dropdown list.

Thanks, Alex.

Uhm… still not fixed, uh? :slight_smile: Is it more complicated than you thought or did you have more important things to do this week? Like adding Norwegian… :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re working on it. There was another issue with IE that we’re working on in conjunction with this one. Give us a bit more time – it shouldn’t be too much longer! :slight_smile:

Ok, Alex, I trust you.

Mike, there is not much point in complaining about the new languages. People wanted more languages, we finally added more languages. However, we are fully aware that the number of learners for each of these new languages is very small. That is true for the first 4 we added, for Latin and even more so for Norwegian. I suspect that this trend will continue. That is why we will not put much effort into the Betas unless they develop into well supported languages. This may happen. I am certainly enjoying Czech, would love to Latin and Arabic one day, and agree that Catalan, Turkish, Farsi and others would be great. So with all we have to do in making our functionality work in constantly changing browsers, plus adding new functions and responding to users suggestions and complaints, the Beta languages project is more about attracting new members than satisfying a need among existing members, who largely are not very interested.

“the Beta languages project is more about attracting new members than satisfying a need among existing members, who largely are not very interested.”

Good to know…

You can check yourself on the Friends page as to how many people are learning these languages. The decision to add Beta languages was in response to members requests.

Each language added interests very few of our learners as you can see. We hope that it attracts more members.

It is not a priority for LingQ and we hope not to spend too much time on it, so we can deal with other more pressing matters that affect more of our learners.

Let’s just call this feature a compromise that helps many of our keeners, like you and me, and does a little for LingQ as well.

The Import Bookmarklet should now be fixed. You will have to re-add it to your Bookmarks Bar in order for it to work properly, but it will now contain a list of all the languages available on LingQ.

It does work now, thank you!