Import Bookmarklet


I recently updated my Firefox browser to version 11.0 and today was the first time I tried to use the Import Bookmarklet since then. Now when I click it the popup with the language dropdown list shows up but nothing happens when I click the import button.

Has anybody else tried using the Import Bookmarklet with Firefox 11 yet?


I just tried this in Firefox 11 and didn’t seem to have any problems importing an article from the BBC. Are you still noticing problems when trying to use the Import Bookmarklet?

After a bit more investigating I just figured it out. It seems to be the 3rd party cookie setting. It started working after I made an exception for I’m not sure why this wasn’t an issue before the update to Firefox because I’m pretty sure I had 3rd party cookies disabled before the update as well. Anyway, its working now. Thanks.

Ah, that would do it. :slight_smile: I’ll keep this solution in mind if anyone else reports the same error.