Import Bookmarklet: went to wrong language

I’ve just tried importing a message I received on, and the lesson went into the English slot, not the Russian slot.

I’ve just tried again and it has happened again.

Google language detection failed with your text. You must do the import manually.

Ah yes, I see that now. On the second time I did it, a message popped up saying “LingQ does not support language ku”.

Hi James,

It’s possible that some of the text you are highlighting could contain English. Google’s detection sometimes gets confused if multiple languages are present, and I believe that it normally defaults to English if there is English present.
Either try selecting a different portion of the text or import it manually as hape has suggested. If you find a consistent issue please let us know and we’ll take a look to see if we can correct it.

The only piece of English text was my email address. There were quite a few images behind the text which I highlighted. Could that have been a problem? I have imported it manually now, anyway. Thanks.

It’s hard to say specifically what might have caused it. If you notice the problem again, please let us know.