Import bookmarklet: long titles

With the import bookmarklet it is possible to create a lesson with a title more than 80 characters, which then causes a warning when you edit the lesson later - the title must be manually truncated. Perhaps the title could be truncated at 80 characters during import and the full title tag text put in the lesson description.

This is a quite obscure case Iโ€™m sure - feel free to ignore this :wink:

I have gotten used to truncating longer titles, or rather editing them the way I want them to appear.

This has come up for me many times since I use the bookmarklet a lot for newspaper articles. It is a bit annoying, but manually truncating the title is not much effort. A small fix would be nice, but it is not important.

@keke_eo, ColinJohnstone - It looks like this may be happening because the date is automatically added at the beginning of each of these lessons. As you have both noted, itโ€™s a minor issue so probably not something that will jump to the top of the priority list :slight_smile: I too have gotten used to deleting a word or two at the end of the title when I need to edit these lessons.