Import bookmarklet issues

Hi guys,

Have any changes been made to the import bookmarklet lately? When importing Chinese content I usually past it into Chinese Text Annotation - MandarinSpot and annotate it with ‘spaces between words - Chinese only’ then highlight it and hit the import bookmarklet. This splits the text really accurately and puts spaces between the words. Now when I attempt to import this way it doesn’t re-direct to Lingq. Importing text from other sites seems to work.

Incidentally is it possible to get the text splitter and dictionary they use (CC-CEDICT) and use them at Lingq. I think it is open source (I could be wrong).

Edit - Amazingly it works if I import it as an English text! But then it’s in the wrong language!

What is the problem? … You can add bookmark by pressing the “Star” button on the left side of URL input field … How to import Bookmark from desktop browser?

@mountainash - I tried this and it seems to be working properly. Would you try it again to see if you’re still having the same issue?

@Paola3 - We have what’s called an Import Bookmarklet, which allows you to import text from any page on the internet to study on LingQ. You can learn more about how to use it here:

@alex - It’s probably my computer. I’ll try it at work tomorrow. Thank you for checking it out.