Import Bookmarklet does not work very well

When I choose a text written in Chinese, it does not work very well, the imported text always goes to English page. Why does it happen?
A few days ago, it worked very well.

Could you help me to know how to do to import texts in various languages?

Maybe there is a problem regarding the following URL.
Could you give me some advice?

What portion of the page are you attempting to import? I see that there is some English on the page, which may cause Google to recognize it as being English rather than Chinese.

I tried various page, sometime works very well, sometime does not work. Now it is OK. If it does not work, I will copy and paste this text on my notepad, delete it in English page, and copy it on the other language page.

Thank you very much for helping me.

Sorry for not answering your question. I am attempting to import 100% Chinese text. Now it is OK to import any texts on the page I have mentioned. Maybe I forgot to change my default page.

The default page doesn’t affect what language it is imported to. It sometimes happens that it goes into the wrong language, but this is usually caused by there being text from two or more different languages on the page. Unfortunately in these cases there is nothing we can do, as it uses Google’s algorithm to determine the language. However, in the rare case that it doesn’t work properly simply try again or just import the text as you would import a normal lesson.
Good luck!