Import audio to a lesson

Is it possible to import more than one piece of audio to each lesson?

No, that’s not possible. Why don’t you try merging the two files in Audacity.

Ok, thanks, that perfect! Another query I just got: I’m LingQ-ing a Chinese text, and when I’ve just done that for a Chinese 5-character phrase, the phrase first turned red, then yellow. Why? It’s this phrase: 过了一会儿

(I LingQ-ed the whole phrase). All my other LingQs are blue.

I’m not sure I follow you…the phrase is highlighted in yellow in the text? That’s supposed to happen. There shouldn’t be any blue highlighting though.

The colour is blue when you highlight a word (as on any page and in any program), yellow when you save it (or for previously saved words) and red when you click on a yellow (=previously saved) LingQ.