Import Apple Podcast

I’m wondering if it’s possible to import audio from the Apple Podcasts into LingQ? Thank you

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I’d like to know the fastest way too.

Unfortunately, we don’t support importing from the Apple Podcasts at the moment.

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Thank you for answering. Does LingQ support importing from any other podcast platforms?

I download them from the Podcast app on my computer, then find the file in the Music folder on my Mac and am able to upload them.

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You can’t do it directly, but it is possible - and in fact easy - to download the Apple Podcast onto your computer, then import that download into LingQ.

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That is true, I’ve just done it. However, it is not so easy to find where the file is for me. I don’t have them in Music.

On iMac, open the podcast app and download the episode you want to upload.

Then open the Finder folder. On the menu on the top click “Go” and press the keyboard button “Option”. In this way, it will display “Library” inside the “Go” menu.

Once you are in your library, search for the folder “Group Containers”.
Inside this folder, search for the folder “”.
Inside this folder, click on the folder “library” and then in the folder “cache”.

I have my downloaded files here.

The file has a bunch of numbers, so you just look at your download day and time and you should sort it out.

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Re downloads, I think there is an easier way. I have a Mac too. I just changed the folder into which all files (including MP3s) are downloaded. If you google for e.g. “mac change download location chrome” (substitute Firefox or Safari if they’re the browsers you use) it will tell you how to dedicate a particular folder - I think it can be any folder - as the ‘downloads folder’. You don’t have to search around in Library / Group Containers / etc.

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Great to know, I will have a look, but I have downloaded the podcast from the Mac app not from the browser, so I think it is different.